My entry for the 2013 Aullwood Avian Art Contest (Tropical birds and their Ohio homes.) This painting depicts an osprey, which I went over in colored pencil.

This was painted as a gift for my aunt, for Christmas 2014. It depicts her beautiful rough collie, Lucy.

I painted this as a thank-you gift for the sponsor of my ArtsGala scholarship - COX Media! While it is not visible in the photo, the watercolor paints are reflective on the highlights of the kitten.

This was created as part one of a two part series surrounding elephants and painting. It was inspired by photos and videos that went around depicting elephants who knew how to paint; initially I thought this was a great conservation practice, because the elephant's paintings would be sold to fund their conversation. However, I discovered on Snopes that painting is very unnatural and cruel for the animals, so it is a practice that should be discouraged - (

With this new information, my works take on a whole new meaning: that these creatures are aware of what's going on and deserve proper respect and dignity, not being forced to paint for tourists with a bull hook.

This is part two of the elephant series. The elephants are meant to be taking their forced painting skills and using them to bring attention to their plights.

This was my entry for the 2012 Aullwood Avian Art Contest: Endangered Birds, Endangered Habitats. It features a barn owl, whose numbers have declined in Ohio in recent years, due to agricultural fields becoming developed. Barn owls initially flourished with the addition of barns and flat fields to the landscape, but now they are losing those resources.

This was the first major watercolor painting of my life and I am very happy with how it turned out. The owl was from reference, the background is from my mind.


This is my collection of watercolor paintings. Sophomore year at WSU, I hope to add acrylic or oil works to the mix!

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