The final logo for my senior year research and branding project. I chose to focus on creating an endangered wildlife awareness organization. I titled this organization the BRINK, alluding to its dedication to the species that are most critically on the edge of extinction.

The initial thumbnails and brainstorming for the main logo of my research and branding project.

A more simplified version of the final logo, added to the backs of the T-shirts

The first T-shirt design for my research and branding project. This one was dedicated to the Red River Giant Softshell Turtle, and its loss of livable habitat.

The second T-shirt design for the BRINK project, dedicated to the Baishan Fir and the South China Tiger (which is much more endangered than the other subspecies of tiger.)

A quick layout of how the tiger design would appear on T-shirts.

The Sheldon Turtle shirt, modeled by my wonderful friend Sasha!

The opening page of the BRINK project’s website.

The Focus Species page on the BRINK project’s website, which would feature 6 critically endangered species at a time.

The shopping / product page for the BRINK project’s website.

The BRINK: Senior Year Research & Branding Project

The career tech high-school I attended, Miami Valley Career Technology Center, required a senior year research and application project from each of its students – referred to as the RAP project. As part of the Graphic and Commercial Art lab, our RAP projects had to focus on creating and branding a product or organization of your choice. I came up with the BRINK Project.

The inspiration for the BRINK Project was the publishing of “Priceless or Worthless? The World’s Most Threatened Species," which compiled a list of the 100 most endangered species on earth (at the time of publishing in 2012.) It was contributed to by over 8,000 scientists from all over the world.

Reading it stunned me, and I wondered if there were any organizations devoted to saving only the most critically endangered. There are many organizations that focus on more "popular” animals – tigers, pandas, lions, and especially wolves – but what organizations existed to save more humble organisms, like the Baishan Fir, or the rather ugly Red River Giant Softshell Turtle?

The major components of my project were the creation of a logo, a website for the organization, and designing products to sell for the benefit of the endangered species. I also created real products in the form of two shirts with iron-on images that I designed.

I decided if it were a real product line, it would work as follows: a patron would see a product with an endangered species on it, read about the species, and buy the product. The proceeds from the product would go directly to the species depicted – i.e. if the shirt featured a Baishan Fir, proceeds from the shirt sales would benefit efforts and organizations working to preserve the fir, specifically. There would be a focus on a small number of species at a time, in order to give the individual species more awareness and focused funding than they would get if they were on a long list.

The website is no longer available to be viewed because it was hosted on a free account, and I did not realize it was the host’s policy to delete free accounts after a certain period of time. However, I took screenshots of many of the pages of that website, so that its design may still be appreciated.

Creator, web designer, T-shirt designer, logo maker, shirt tailor
February 2013 to May 2013
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